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It was in September 2015 that we embarked on our adventure to start a boutique trade consultancy with global reach. We wanted to fill the gap between think tank and consultancy, apply conceptual and strategic thinking to real-world commercial challenges. We believe we do things differently: We work with a small and virtual team managing projects that involve experts located all over the world. Our offer focuses on regulatory barriers to trade, we limit ourselves to a small number of sectors including agriculture and food as well as chemicals and pharmaceuticals and climate change-driven trade issues.

Many of our experts are former government officials that have been key figures in resolving trade issues and negotiated successfully important trade agreements. Our network offers a unique mix of high-level contacts, hands-on negotiation experience, and in-depth sectorial knowledge – this allows us to deliver innovative thinking and concrete solutions!

Three years later we are working on a series of interesting projects, spanning from tax issues in the Middle East to reflections about how the EU and UK will trade after Brexit. We are discussing what regulatory framework a new trade hub built on a free trade zone will require and are looking into climate change and trade. 

We have no ambition to grow ‘big’ as we are enjoying what we do. In the main we simply want to work on more exciting projects!

But we also think we are ready for the next step:

Starting a blog that looks into trade with a particular focus on regulatory issues affecting trade.

The Trade-Up blog will provide reflective thinking from our experts but will also be open to guest authors. We aim for short pieces that are quick to read but leave the reader with some food for thought. We will do regular blog postings but we won’t commit to a specific timeframe – we will reflect and comment on trade issues as we see them popping up.

We will start this week with a short analysis by Trade-Up partner Lars Hoelgaard on Brexit. No, not another piece on UK internal politics but he will simply ask the question what comes next if there ever is a Brexit deal. Or if the UK exits the EU without a deal. In all scenarios, the UK will have to spend over the coming years considerable time and resources in defining its trade relationship with the EU. Read more

Enjoy reading and make sure to come back regularly to see what is new. You can also subscribe to our blog through the form on this page – any new blog posting will then be delivered directly to your mailbox to make sure you don’t miss it!

Christina Kaul and Lars Hoelgaard, Partners at Trade –Up Consulting